The idea of is to build the first cloud platform in Syria with international standards by engaging strategic partnerships with local and global data centers to serve the Syrian market, private and government sectors with high performance cloud services introduced by a local provider “” The project will be implemented by UCG L.L.C – The cloud industry experts as a response to the significant increased demands of cloud services in Syria.

Current status of cloud services in Syria

  • Limited to foreign commercial companies due to sanctions.
  • Unclear policies & terms resulting uncertainty issues.
  • Information confidentiality issues.
  • Difficulties of online payments & credit cards processing
  • Connections latency
  • Doesn’t comply with the government & banks policies that require hosting the data locally.

CLOUD.SY is the solution!

  • Local Provider – Payments processing in local currency “SYP”
  • International Standers
  • High performance E5 Servers distributed over local & global DCs.
  • Secured & Encrypted VMs
  • Backups & Disaster recovery Solutions
  • Technical Support 24/7 “Arabic – English …etc”
  • Unlimited features & Add-ons



During the upcoming phase, economic wheel in Syria is expected to run rapidly which in return will reflect on the growth of companies and organizations, Business needs are expected to expand as well, especially the technology sector. Organizations will need to work through online system platforms/Cloud based solutions, therefore, a solid platform needs to be ready and in place, taking into consideration the importance of its accessibility, quick deployments, cost efficiency and a well secured & protected facilities. Business owners will start to seek support from international providers to cover their business needs, therefore UCG services will born out from the growing need to the business community in Syria and the region. UCG who has extensive experience in the field will be able to cover & provide the needed services based on international standards.



For past decade, UCG has been one of the leading IT service provider in the middle-east, showcasing service excellence and expertise at its best. UCG has server infrastructure and server co-location at 28 data-centers all around the globe, enabling uninterrupted web services. UCG products and services includes domain and hosting, telecommunication/satellite services, networking and infrastructure, online marketing and security services, IOT & smart solutions, as well as software development.